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Why report these numbers?

Every hour, every dollar ALA members invest in our mission of helping veterans adds up. It not only gives each member a sense of pride, but it allows us to demonstrate our effectiveness to the world. Each small sum of numbers gets added into the collective numbers that are called Impact Numbers. These numbers proclaim our impact and make membership in the ALA meaningful.

These numbers are also reported to The American Legion, which includes them in its annual report to Congress. To make this process easier for you, it has been simplified and the form has been condensed to essential information. If you aren’t sure, even giving an estimate is better than not reporting at all.

How to complete the Impact Report Form

  1. Each ALA member should fill out the Member Form and give it to the unit president. This probably happens in April, but check with your unit.
  2. The unit president (or designee) compiles all of the member data on the Unit Form and adds any additional data not reported individually by unit members. This form then gets forwarded to either the district/county (if applicable) or department, which compiles all the records.
  3. It is more important that you report information in one section of the form only rather than worry if you have selected the right category. For example, if you provide a service for children, it should go in either Service for Military Families (for example, camps for military children only) or Service for Children & Youth (Legion Family camps for all children) but not in both places.
  4. Please round to whole dollar values (for example, $149.50 should be $150).

Report Simplifications

  1. All service for all military whether active duty, retired, or reserve component is now combined in one section.
  2. Each section has better defined examples of the service that should be reported.
  3. For Units, Districts/Counties, and Departments:

“Line numbers” and “Obtain Total From” columns assist in transferring data from form to form. For example, units can find the number of Volunteer Hours for Military Families on Line 5 of the Member Form.

A downloadable fillable monthly tracking worksheet and annual report form is available on the national website under the Members Only, Annual Report Forms section: www.ALAforVeterans.org

Thank you for taking the time to REPORT your VALUABLE SERVICE and helping us TELL OTHERS about our INCREDIBLE IMPACT!

The ALA Annual Impact Numbers Reporting Process At-A-Glance

You, important ALA member, volunteer and raise resources to “do the ALA’s mission” throughout the year, and record your service hours and financial investment using the ALA Impact Numbers Tracking Worksheet


ALA member reports volunteer service to unit by unit’s deadline (usually in April)


Unit president compiles its members’ numbers and sends Unit Impact Report to district or county (if applicable) or otherwise on to department


County/district president compiles its units’ numbers and sends county/district Impact Report to department by department’s deadline (usually in May)


Appropriate department representative compiles numbers and sends to ALAReports@ALAforVeterans.org by June 1.


ALA National Headquarters compiles all the departments’ numbers and prepares the American Legion Auxiliary Annual Impact Report ~ ALA by the Numbers for The American Legion to submit to Congress, and shares impact with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, media and the public!


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