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Department of Alaska
Legislative Chairman - 2021-2022
Penny Mazonna Email: freckles0207@yahoo.com

2021-2022 American Legion Auxiliary Legislative

LEGISLATION BY DEFINITION – The Legislative program provides information and assistance to American Legion Auxiliary members to advocate for the legislative agenda of The American Legion Auxiliary.


1. Objective: Educate Unit membership by explaining the Department’s Legislative program.

  • Encourage Unit General Mtgs. to address legislative issues as they become known thru the ALA, The TAL and local venues.
  • Counsel Units to keep a running journal of dates and actions taken as the Unit and as an individual, recording volunteer hours as appropriate.

2. Objective: Be the Unit to host a “Town Meeting With the Candidates” learning and listening to all candidates. Encourage collaboration between multiple Units, Posts and SONS in sponsoring a community event.

3. Objective: Encourage members/units to subscribe to the Legion Legislative Action Alerts to receive notification when they call on all Legion Family members to take immediate action on a topic. Visit www.capwiz.com/legion/mlm/sighup to subscribe. Report this to your unit secretary when you do this.

4. Objective: Order a unit copy of the ALA Legislative Advocacy Guide and follow suggestions it contains to help build legislative awareness in your community. This can be downloaded from www.ALAforVeterans.org.

5. Objective: Use electronic media to encourage contact with legislators and government officials when asked. Learn the proper protocol to address them.

Legislative Reporting

• We will not be asking for Mid-Year Reports this administrative year. Instead, we are asking that members share the story and photos of their events as they happen within their Unit. When details are fresh in your mind, it is much easier to present a clear picture of your event. Please email these to the Department Chairmen.

Year End reports reflect the program work of units in the department and may result in a national award for participants if award requirements are met. Each Unit is required to submit a narrative report by April 15, 2022 to the Department Legislative Chairman.

Include pictures taken at any legislative activities with city, state or national representatives.

Legislative Awards

Each award application must include the cover sheet found in this program Plan. All awards will be announced at National Convention during the Legislative pre-convention meetings.

Unit Award: Unit Legislative Award

Type of Award: Citation

Presented to: One unit in each division (5 overall awards)

Materials and Guidelines:

  • Entries must include the award cover sheet.
  • For the most outstanding overall legislative program in the division.
  • Each entry must be typewritten in narrative form
  • Include pictures and newspaper articles.
  • Units should submit their entry to the Department Legislative Chairman by May 1, 2022.

Additional Resources You Can Use

1. www.ALAforVeterans.org on the Legislative page:

  • ALA Legislative Advocacy Guide
  • How to Fill Out the Congressional Contact Form
  • How to Contact Legislators to Advocate for Veterans, Service members and their Families

2. www.legion.org/legislative (The American Legion’s Legislative Center):

  • Legislative Testimony Information
  • Point Papers, Priority Sheets, Letters of Support
  • Congressional Contact Report Form

3. Follow us on Facebook:

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