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ALA Alaska Girls State Unit Chairmen Resources

Dear American Legion Auxiliary Alaska Girls State Unit Chairman,

Congratulations! You are the American Legion Auxiliary Alaska Girls State Chairman for your Unit.


If you are new at this, you probably have a million questions.

Where do I start? You have already started. Please print these forms to help you fulfill your obligation to your Unit as ALA Alaska Girls State Chairman. (click each to download)

  1. ALA Alaska Girls State Plan of Action
  2. Unit Level Objectives
  3. What is American Legion Auxiliary Girls State
  4. ALA Alaska Girls State Citizen Application
  5. Unit Chairman Letter for Interviews
  6. ALA Alaska Girls State Flyer
  7. ALA Girls State Poster
  8. Interview Question Sheet
  9. Interview Score Sheet

Who do I contact? Recruit¦Please contact the high schools, Home Schools, and Charter Schools in your local area for a meeting with school officials to ask the schools to display flyers. Ask school officials to promote American Legion Auxiliary Alaska Girls State. Supply officials with Junior letter, Flyers, and Website. Also, hang flyers anywhere high school students congregate such as: Libraries, Malls, Bowling Alleys, etc.

How do we choose the delegates? All applicants must be interviewed. Delegates are chosen by your unit please find out at a meeting how your unit would like you to proceed in choosing your delegate(s). This can be done by an interview board of your making (2 to 3 other members get together and interview applicants), a unit visit and interview (applicant attends a unit meeting and all members in attendance may participate in the interview). These are a couple of the many ways you can choose delegates.

Where is the money going to come from? The tuition for ALA Alaska Girls State is paid by the Units. Fundraisers are a fantastic way to raise money for tuition. Get your unit members involved and raise money for the tuition of your delegates.

What are the important dates for this program? The important dates are:

  • 10-15-2022 to 1-15-2023- Recruit High school students.
  • 1-15-2023 to 4-15-2023- Interview Applicants
  • 4-15-2023- End of year report to Department Chairman
  • 4-20-2023 “ All approved applicants due to Department Chairman
  • 5-15-2023- Tuition Due, send to ALA Department of Alaska Secretary.
  • 6-15-2023 to 8-15-2023- Invite delegate(s) to Unit meeting.

So, in summation; American Legion Auxiliary Alaska Girls State Unit Chairman is a commitment to work the program. This is not a œ know-nothing, do nothing chairmanship. The success of the American Legion Auxiliary Alaska Girls State program is dependent on your 100% commitment to your chairmanship.

As the American Legion Auxiliary Alaska Girls State Unit Chairman, you are the initiator of our program. You must take the first step to contact the schools and recruit delegates for this program. You must be able to communicate what this program is to potential participants. For more information on what this program is please visit the ALA Alaska Department website:


Who can I call for help? The Department Chairman (director) is your lifeline for help.

Call, text or email me any time:

Lori Fruhwirth
Phone: (907) 590-0320
Email: alaalaskagirlsstate@gmail.com


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