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Department of Alaska
Education Chairman - 2018-2019
Scholarship Chairman - 2018-2019
April Sinclair

2017-2018 American Legion Auxiliary Education & Scholarship

All 2017-18 Scholarships have been awarded. New applications for the 2018-2019 year will be available for download in the Fall of 2018.

Education/Scholarships are in need now more than ever before. With cuts in the budget in DC and State less money is going to be had by all for education. My priority this year will be to see how many dollars we can assist students and adults who want to go on past high school to Vocational School and Colleges. Not only in scholarships but donations to the schools in the “Give 10 “ Program. If you already have (1) Unit Scholarship try to go up to two and so on. We need to assist all children – with emphasis on veterans children. If your scholarships are out in the public eye those”Veterans Children will come”. Are your scholarships for A students? Have you thought about offering scholarships for the B?C student? You know there are many students out there who have sort of goofed off and then all of a sudden want scholarship money to go onto school but don't have the grade point average to get those big scholarships.

Adults (no matter what age) who want to go back to school to improve their knowldege and maybe get a better job-so don't forget those who want to go back and learn,. Do you want to stipulate strictly for Veterans and/or family embers? We need to help!

Don't have a Unit Scholarship? In the Programs Action Plan How To Guide 2017-2022 is a lot of information on How to Create a Unit Scholarship Fund. Check it out-it has a lot of good ideas. Find this in

Lets strive for Education Awards this year.

  1. Most Outstanding Unit Education Program
  2. Most Outstanding Department Education Program
  3. Most Outstanding Promotion of education for Military Children

The National Report and Awards Cover Sheet is found in the awards section of th Programs Action Plan. Provide details/examples about the activity as outlined in the award's materials and guidelines section. Submit as indicated:


  • Award: Citation plaque
  • Presented to: One Unit in each of the (5) Divisions
  • Narrative not to exceed 1,000 words. Include specific examples of how your unit worked the Education Program, including Veterans in Community Schools.
  • May include pictures news articles, news releases, etc.
  • Deadline: May 1, 2018 -- Send to Department Chairman postmarked or emailed by 5 p.m EST.

Participate in the "Veterans in The Classroom" Program - Coordinate with your local schools history program - check with elementary schools, alternate high school, high schools, and private schools. Check with the Post to find a Veteran willing to talk about his or her tour of duty, places he or she has been, things they seen and people they met. Supply transportation for the Veteran and be sure and thank him or her for their time.

Participate in "Give 10 To Education" - Save 'Box Tops for Education' and send them to local schools. Most schools participate in this program. Each of your members donate 10 items and distribute to your school of preference. Such as (10 erasers – 10 pencils – 10 boxes of kleenex – etc). Check with your childs school and see what they need and then go to work on the (10). Place a collection box at your Post as a collection site for your members. Involve the Post, Sons, Juniors and Auxiliary. Department will give a certificate to the Units with the best program on Give 10 To Education.

National Scholarships:

A. Children of Warriors National Presidents' Scholarship

  • Awarded to children of veterans who served in the armed forces during the eligibility dates for The American Legion. (Do not need to be members of American Legion.)

  • Three $5000 Scholarships will be awarded in each division.

  • The applicant must complete 50 hours of community service during his/her high school years to be eligible for one of these scholarship.

B. The Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

  • One scholarship in amount of $2000 will be awarded in each American Legion Auxiliary Division.

  • Applicant must be a member of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion and shall have paid dues for the two preceeding years and for the calendar year in which the application is made.

C. Spirit of Youth Scholarship

  • One Junior member in each division will receive a $5000 scholarship.

  • Applicant must have held membership in The American Legion Auxiliary for the immediate past three years, hold a current membership card and continue her membership in The American Legion Auxiliary during the four-year scholarship period.

Get these scholarships out to the schools – private and secondary and colleges in your area.

Why not make them a little more exciting to the student – and your Unit offer a $500 Scholarship to the local winner of these National Scholarships !!?? Then you send your winner onto Department and if they should win at Department the application goes onto National. Get these National Scholarships out early for they are all due back to the Unit by March 1, 2018.

Department offers winners of:

  1. Children of Warriors Scholarship – Aggie Parks Scholarship Department winner $1,000

  2. Non-Traditional – None

  3. Spirit of Youth Scholarship – none

  4. Department Scholarship – Merrilyn Stock Scholarship – (2) part time student amount of $750 each and (1) full time student amount of $1500

It has come to my attention that if you send a scholarship winner from your Unit to Department for judging there – send a copy of the applicants Alaska ID.

Included in this information is the first page of each National Scholarship. Each of these scholarships can be downloaded by going to National site:

D. Department Scholarship – Merrilyn Stock Memorial Scholarship is generally sent with Call To Department Convention.

Keep in mind there are scholarships offered at American Legion Auxiliary Alaska Girls State also. That is handled through Girls State Department of Alaska. The Samsung Scholarship is also available to those girls attending Girls State.

Unit Level Scholarships

  • Get your application out
  • Get three members to judge your completed applications
  • Attend Awards Night at schools to announce winners and present a Certificate to each winner.,
  • Follow up with a letter to winners letting them know how much; include a letter that the student must take to their college and have completed and sent back to your Unit so they can claim their winnings.


Mid-Year Report from your Unit should be back to me by Dec. 5, 2017.

Year-End Reports from your Unit by April 15, 2018 – for I need to compile all your information for Department Convention.

Be sure and go to the National website – there is so much information there under all the chairmanships. If there is information you can't find or need some help – get ahold of me and we can work together to figure out your question.

READY – SET – GO Lets have a tremendous, fabulous year !!


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