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2018 Membership Reports

2018 National Comparison Report

2018 National Category Comparison Report - Attached you will find a new membership category report which will be distributed monthly for the remainder of the membership year. It was announced during the 2017 Department Leadership National Conference (DLNC) that seating at the 2018 National Convention would be based on overall membership performance. The top department in each category will be seated towards the front at National Convention. We hope you find this report helpful as a motivating tool to end the membership year strong!

Well summer is almost gone.

A lot needs to done with our membership. We are only at 66.52% for 2018, that’s just a little behind were we should be and 2019 cards are out. Remember they still have to renew 2018 right now before they can do 2019. So if they are not current they should not be in the post without a current membership. Let’s make this happen I know we can. What do you think we need to put out there for us to push it to the limit.

For God and Country,

Diana Estrada
Department Treasurer/Membership


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