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2018 & 2019 Membership Reports

2019 National Comparison Report - The attached comparison report shows where we are compared to the same time last year. This report will be sent weekly.

2019 Membership Division Report - The attached membership division report shows where divisions currently sit in membership numbers. This report will be sent weekly.

2019 National Category Comparison Report - Attached you will find a new membership category report which will be distributed monthly. The top department in each category will be seated towards the front at National Convention. We hope you find this report helpful as a motivating tool to end the membership year strong!

2018 National Comparison Report

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to report that the earthquake did not even slow us down. Our membership numbers are on an upward trend for the second week in a row! I am so excited about this. Alaska is the best state in the Union and we have the best Department in the organization! We always bounce back, whether it is from an earthquake or a lull in membership. We've got this ladies!

Last week we were at 215 less than a year ago, and this week we are 146 less than a year ago. Lady's this is a good thing. I see Alaska moving on up from here and we will be at 100% before we know it.

I believe it is our spirit, our love of country and love of our veterans that make us great. When we come together as a family we cannot be stopped! Our members are dedicated to the mission and helping our veteran, active duty military and their families!! We work in the community, we educate the children, and care for the elderly.

Let's not forget to be good to each other! Each of us are a thread and when we weave together we become a safety blanket for ever veteran that we touch. Let us not lose the threads!! Please practice good will in your units hold on to one another, together is the only way to carry the heavy load!

I have a few ideas that I will be putting forth in the new year and I hope you all are as excited as I am. I'd would like to once again give you all the ALA Department of Alaska website:

This website is a tool for you to use it has many of tyhe forms and information that you need as chairman, and members. Please do not hesitate to go on this website and utilize these materials at anytime, they are there for your convenience. A huge shout out to Lisa Williamson for keeping it, CURRENT and USER FRIENDLY!




And together



For God and Country,

Von Lamm

ALA Department of Alaska

Membership Chairman


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