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History Committee

Department of Alaska
History Chairman - 2018-2019
Department of Alaska Historian - 2018-2019
Ann Robinson

2017-2018 American Legion Auxiliary History Committee

What is this program?

Historians recount our activities, accomplishments and help to preserve the history of our country starting at the Unit level. The Cavalcade of Memories repositories also serve as a resource for members, volunteers and the general public. Every decade a book is published that chronicles the Auxiliary’s record of service that is displayed at headquarters building in Indianapolis, along with items donated by presidents, departments and members, pictures of special achievements, etch. Please visit for a virtual tour.

What can you do?

Honor our veterans, auxiliary officers and members by displaying artifacts and various memorabilia and photos significant to our history


  • If you do not currently have a Cavalcade of Memories, initiate the project.
  • Search through post/unit home for items such as old pins, awards and history books.
  • Gather photos and document the event that the photo was taken. Be sure and list the names of any person in the photos.
  • Ask your membership to look through their personal belongings for items that could be included.
  • If you run out of space, check your local museums, historical societies or public libraries for displaying some of your items.
  • Bring your History Book to the Department meeting in April.

History Reporting:

Mid-Year Reports -- Due December 5, 2017. Each Unit is required to submit a narrative report by December 5, 2017 to the Department Historian.

Year-End Reports -- Due April 15, 2018. Each Unit is required to submit a narrative report by April 15, 2018 to the Department Historian.

Fill in the number of members that participated, their total volunteer hours and money spent promoting these activities. Click here to download a form to write a small narrative of your activities/projects.

Please call me, or email me if you need help or have any questions.


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