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From Our Department President

2019-2022 Department of Alaska President Jane Larson


We did it!! No words can express how proud I am of all our American Legion Auxiliary Alaska members. To reach our goal of 100% membership for the ALA Department of Alaska is fantastic. I thank each and everyone of you for your dedication and support for making this happen. Now, we need to remember to work on our skills on retaining our members. Needing some help with ideas? Well, there is a great article in the August 2021 American Legion Auxiliary magazine on Membership Retainment: Back to the Basics or visit www.ALAforVeterans.org for any help or ideas. As it states in the article – Remember: More members mean more opportunities to help our nation’s veterans, military and their families. We are stronger together!

Would like to also take the time to congratulate our two girls that were chosen for ALA Girls Nation. Isabella Kershaw from Ketchikan, Alaska and Sarah Price from Eagle River, Alaska. Our attendance for Girls State was small this year, so we had a joint virtual session with the Hawai’i Girls State. It was a learning experience for all of us. All our Alaska citizens did fantastic, and they sure helped and educated us (the staff) in understanding the computer world. Lastly, I genuinely want to thank Brister Thomas, Hawaii Girls State director and her staff for welcoming us into the joint session. It was an interesting and wonderful experience.

Fall conference is right around the corner. It is going to be in Ketchikan this year, October 16th and 17th, hosted by American Legion Family #3. Looking forward to seeing you there, to learn and share our ideas for the upcoming year. Will have had attended the National Convention in Phoenix, AZ and attended a Department Presidents Retreat in Kentucky, October 10, 11 and 12, so will be bringing information from that to fall conference.


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