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From Our Outgoing Department President

2021-2022 Department of Alaska President Jane Larson


It has been a privilege to be your Department of Alaska President. It would not have been possible without the help and encouragement from all my family members.

What a fantastic journey it has been. Being re-elected at the 2021 April convention was an honor, especially being installed at my home family post. My adventure of visiting again some of our amazing units was great! I can say, even when I stopped in unofficially, I was greeted with open arms. The units made me feel a part of this fabulous American Legion Auxiliary family organization, for that I thank you all.

I went to the National convention in August of 2021 that was held in Phoenix, AZ. I had the privilege of seeing our very own Kathy Daudistel installed as our American Legion Auxiliary National President. I was also installed there myself along with the other department presidents from all over. My mother, who is an auxiliary member, who lives in Arizona was there to see the installation, which was incredibly special to me.

After the convention, we stayed with my mother for a visit and then went onto Kentucky to participate with newly installed National president, Kathyôs homecoming celebration. Kentucky sure knows how to entertain and party. After the homecoming I flew back to Alaska and went straight to Ketchikan for our American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Alaska fall conference. Joseph T. Craig, Unit 3 and family were very greatly hosts.

Then into the holidays where all our units were busy preparing gifts for our veterans and military families.

In January, Nina, my Junior Activity Chairperson, and I attended the Mission Training Session in Las Vegas. It was a quick trip, BUT the training was fantastic. I would encourage anyone who has not attended one, should try to attend one.

April was a remarkably busy month. Kathy Daudistel, our national president had informed us that she was going to be unable to attend our department convention, but she was able to come for a visit the week before. So, we got in gear and planned a úroad tripĚ of sorts. We had her fly into Fairbanks first where we had a reception at American Legion Family Post 57 for her, where she presented out her caregiverôs certificates. Then we flew back to Anchorage, to have her visit our Veteranôs Nursing Home in Palmer, where we showed her the patio furniture that the Department of Alaska purchased with the help of our American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. We held a dinner reception in Wasilla, at the American Legion Family Post 35, where she again presented caregiverôs certificates. Then, we headed back to Anchorage the next day to have her visit our Fischerôs house and had a dinner reception at American Legion Family Post 28, so she could present more caregiverôs certificates, before getting on her flight home. It was a fast trip but enjoyed by all.

My journey ends with our 100th American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Alaska convention. My secretary, Barb Nath and her committee for our 100th celebration, did a fantastic job of compiling a timeline from 1921 to present. It will be a great memory of our 100 years of service to our veterans, military and military families.

Thanks to all my officers, chairpersons, ALA members and my fellow American Legion family for making my terms such a memorable one and success.

From Our Incoming Department President

2022-2023 Department of Alaska President Anarene "Ann" Robinson


Communication is the KEY to success! This is my theme for our next year as your president. Our new program chairs are all getting their Plans of Action created with this goal in mind.

I am so excited. How can we accomplish anything as an organization if we do not communicate? How can we be effective as an organization if we do not communicate? How will we participate, visit, work together supporting our veterans if we do not start communicating far better then we do now? And we are not the only veteran organization that is having this problem. In fact, it seems all of them are.

We need to stand up and make a commitment to change this in our organization. Our veterans and military members are in need of our support.

You will be hearing from our 2022-2023 IT/Social Media Chair, Sue Todd, from Spenard Unit 28 and our PR Chair, Cheryl McKay, from Jack Henry Unit 1 in September on their commitment and plan to increase communication skills in this organization. They will assist us all on setting up a communication plan that will open our doors to each otherôs events bringing us all together to fulfill our MISSION!

Thank you for trusting in me to guide you through the next year of success. I look forward to working with our chairs and all of you all on the American Legion Auxiliary mission.

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