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From Our Department President

2019-2021 Department of Alaska President Jane Larson


I hope and pray that you all are in good health. With 2020 behind us, I would like to extend a wish for all, the best that life can offer each of you and our American Legion Family. I know with Covid 19, it has affected us all differently, but we as a family did and will prevail to successfully serve and honor our veterans, military and their families.

Moving forward I encourage you to take part with the ALA Academy courses. They can be taken on your own schedule and pace. These courses are not only beneficial to help you as a member grow within the organization, but can also help personally and professionally too.

Also, did you know about the creation of the ALA declaration that ALA National Headquarters has been working on and has sent out. It clearly defines what our members and volunteers do and why the ALA matters. Here is the declaration:

A community of Volunteers Serving Veterans, Miliary, and theirs Families We are The American Legion Auxiliary.
We are called to serve.
We respect our country and the service of those who defend our freedoms.
We are loyal to our United States Constitution and to those who protect it.
We are humbled by the courage of our veterans and their families.
We are alone, yet we stand together.
We are daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.
We are family.
We are of every color.
We are of every faith.
We are of every age.
We are anyone and everyone.
We are common and extraordinary.
We are citizens.
We live in small town.
We live in suburbs.
We live in cities.
We work in fields, in factories, warehouses, offices, at home.
We are a community. We help one another.
We love our flags and what it stands for.
We are many.
We are one.
We are the American Legion Auxiliary. A Community of Volunteers Service Veterans, Military and their families.
We commit ourselves to the ideal: Service Not Self.

I can say that I love the declaration!! You can download a flyer, sign or poster of it by visiting

I wish you all good health in the upcoming year.


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