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"Honor Their Service"

From 2018-2019 Department of Alaska President Debbie Lowndes


As visitations wind down for this administration year and we start 2019 I want to say how much of a joy it has been to visit so many units. I have learned so much from each of you. Everyone is doing such a good job of serving our Veterans and Communities in so many varied ways. I applaud you.

I have been blessed this year with such a great team of Officers and Chairman. They really want to work hard and get their program messages out there. As I’ve said before they are energetic and enthusiastic, so reach out to them you need fresh program ideas. I am confident that with this team of upcoming Officers the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Alaska has nothing but great milestone years ahead. Keep up the good work.

I have traveled with two chairmen on my visitations to help me show that my administration is not a one-woman show, we are a team. As a team it takes all of us working our programs together to accomplish our mission and reach our goals. This is what makes American Legion Auxiliary Department of Alaska strong.

The Anchorage earthquake may have rattled some of us a little bit, but not for long. The Domiciliary Gift Shop had to enact an emergency plan, but thanks to the Co-chair team of Ann Robinson and Jane Larson the job got done. It did bring about some innovative ideas on how we can to serve even more Veterans and their families next year. I cannot be remiss and I must thank Marge Blankenship for all the time she spent crocheting bell ornaments for every one of the Domiciliary Veterans. Well done ladies, we all appreciate your hard work even under such hazardous situations you faced in the storage facility during the earthquake.

Thank you to all Units who reported prior to the December 5th deadline. We improved our mid-year reporting ratio over last year, but we were still not 100% without having to reach out to several units. I realize life sometimes gets in the way but let’s really try and get all year end reports in to the Chairmen by the April 5th deadline.



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