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Americanism Chairman - 2021-2022
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2021-2022 American Legion Auxiliary Americanism


The fundamental value of the American Legion Auxiliary is showing respect for our country and our nation’s flag. This committee promotes the observation of patriotic holidays so that your community will look to the ALA for information. This program is to assist our members to be knowledgeable on flag history, etiquette, and proper disposal methods. We encourage members to take part in the Americanism Essay Contest and in the promotion of the American Legion Americanism program.



Unit level

  • Encourage participation in the Americanism Essay Contest Entries are due by April 1th to the National Division Chair
  • Say the Pledge of Allegiance at each meetings, having prayers, flying the flag and banners
  • Take part in patriotic holidays such as the 4th of July activities
  • Promote Star Spangled Kids
  • Promote Girls State and Boys State participation
Individual level


Mid-Year Reports -- There are NO MID YEAR REPORTS this year! However, please send information to the committee co-chairs on an ongoing basis.

Year-End Reports -- Due April 15, 2022. Each Unit Committee Chair is required to submit a narrative report as well as a statistical report by April15, 2022 to the Department Chair. Be sure to include the information/pictures you submitted in the throughout the year. The point is to have a complete report that covers the entire year.

As part of your narrative report, please include answers to the following questions:

  • How did you promote Americanism within your unit?
  • How did your unit encourage support of this committee by its members?
  • How did your unit support the purposes of the Americanism committee?
  • How did units promote within their community?

In the narrative portion, talk about the different things that happened for our veterans and/or service members and/or their families during the year. It could be as simple as taking someone to watch the 4th of July Parade or helping them to take part in the parade. Encourage your unit members to keep a “running” list of events so that it is not overwhelming at the end of the year to remember. Please provide pictures of those events.

In the statistical part of the report, provide a total for your unit of the following:

Total for year (05/01/21 to 04/30/22)

  • How many members involved?
  • How many hours they put in?
  • How many people benefited?
  • How much money was spent?
  • How much was received in donations?


Unit Award: Dorothy Pearl Most Outstanding Americanism Program

  • Unit entries must be submitted to the Department Committee Chair no later than the Department Convention (April 23, 2022). Late entries will not be accepted.
  • The Department Chair will send selected entry to the national division chairman postmarked by 5 p.m. EST on the deadline listed above. Members should follow instructions from their department.
  • Department Chair should send copy to the Department Secretary

Just follow these simple steps to submit your award entry:

  • Fill out the Award Cover Sheet as completely as possible
  • Send your form to the Department Chair for the Americanism program by April 23, 2022. (PO Box 520826, Big Lake, AK 99652)


  1. Emblem Sales: www.emblem.legion.org - flag education DVD: explains the history, significance, meaning, proper display and treatment of the U.S. flag. Let’s Be Right on Flag Etiquette - a “question and answer” booklet on proper flag etiquette.
  2. The American Legion Flag Advocacy: www.legion.org/flag
  3. The American Legion’s Action Programs of Americanism brochure: www.legion.org/publications
  4. Capitol Building flags: To order flags flown over the Capitol, contact your congressional representative or senator or visit his/her website. Flags are available for a nominal fee; four to six weeks should be allowed for delivery.
  5. Promote the Pocket Flag Project. www.pocketflagproject.com


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