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Department of Alaska
Leadership Chairman - 2021-2022
Delores "Dee" Stokes Email: stokesdelores@gmail.com

2019-2021 American Legion Auxiliary Leadership


The Key Program Statements for this committee are:

  • To raise awareness of ALA leadership development opportunities
  • To promote participation in the ALA Academy
  • To enhance knowledge about ALA history, programs and organization.


There are five different areas of the Plan of Action that can be used to promote leadership. Here are ideas for each of these areas. Choose an area that most fits your unit and focus on that throughout the year. These are suggestions to be used as a place to start.

1) Be knowledgeable and promote participation in the ALA Academy



  • Work with a mentor to develop and enhance interest, skills and knowledge of the ALA
  • Familiarize yourself with the different areas of leadership training available through the department, the national organization. Pick one that fits you and participate wholeheartedly.
  • Build leadership skills by chairing a project or event
  • Give a short presentation on ALA training opportunities to the unit.


  • Get to know each member and their individual talents/skills. Find projects which can use those specifics.
  • Develop a plan to include one aspect of leadership learning bi-monthly at meetings
  • Assign committees to work on preparation of reports and application for awards
  • Provide ALA pins to new members
  • Share a Unit Guidebook with new members at meetings and encourage to utilize information online. Provide printed materials for those who don’t have internet.
  • Participate in the ALA Academy as a unit.

2) Enhance leaders knowledge of ALA history, programs and organizations



  • Take “Welcome to the American Legion Senior Auxiliary Basics, A Course on our History and legacy”.
  • Attend and participate in department workshops.
  • Attend an ALA Mission Training session or other national event.


  • Initiate new members. Offer each an orientation packet.
  • Encourage members to take” Welcome to the American Legion Senior Auxiliary Basics, A Course on our History and legacy” at www.ALAforVeterans.org under the Leadership tab.
  • Encourage members to participate in Mission Training or other national events.
  • Recognize members who have completed the course in a meeting or event.

3) Encourage the use of ALA reference documents and materials such as the Unit Guide Book, Unit, Department and National Constitution and Bylaws, Department Operations Guide, ALA Girls State Program Guide, and the national website listing of previous annual reports to include the Centennial Strategic Plan Initiatives.



  • Familiarize self with the referenced documents nothing anything not fully understood. Ask questions about any program or terminology not fully understood.
  • Volunteer to help a Junior member to lean about the documents of the ALA.
  • Participate in the ALA Innovative Leadership Video Contest Challenge. www.ALAforVeterans.org has specific information. Chosen videos will be on the ALA YouTube channel.


  • Ask members to review ALA reference documents and materials mentioned above, noting items not fully understood. Set aside time to answer those questions.
  • Develop a plan to assist Junior members to learn about the referenced documents.
  • Using materials available, develop a unit plan for projects your unit wishes to work on.
  • Hold a workshop to explore unit Constitution and Bylaws, Standing Rules, how the unit finances structured, how the budget is planned, and how to write meeting minutes.

4) Offer a mentoring program, utilizing the knowledge and experience of members who have served as leaders beyond the unit level.



  • Complete a (member/leader data) unit surveys
  • Volunteer to be a mentor for a member or Junior member.
  • Learn the process and apply for or seek election to a unit, department and/or national level.


  • Discover skills/talents and experience of members by collecting unit survey form from each member.
  • Encourage and use “expect” members to train and guide new members as their mentors.

5) Nurture a culture of goodwill at all levels of the organization.



  • Resolve to reflect on your own behavior before evaluating others. Expect the best of people.
  • Discuss and debate while respecting others opinions that may differ from your own. When you disagree, extend the olive branch of friendship since we all share a common mission.
  • If needed, speak privately to another member directly instead of involving others with concerns.


  • Greet new members with an orientation packet and invite them to participate in meetings and events. Provide them with meeting dates and unit members contact information.
  • Listen to what members have to say and thank them for their ideas, encouraging them to be open to the ideas of others.
  • Assist in positive solutions to conflicts by focusing on the desire outcomes.
  • Give praise and recognition when members do what is asked or go above and beyond what was expected.

Leadership Award:

Taking the time to share a favorite story about the positive impact you or someone you know has had on our mission is worth doing! It helps us tell the world who we are, what we do, and why we matter.

National Report and Awards:

Unit Award: Most Outstanding Unit Leadership Program

  • Award: Citation Plaque
  • Presented to: One unit in each division (5) that best demonstrates innovative methods to help members develop the leader within
  • Materials & Guidance
    • Narrative not to exceed 1,000 words
    • Types of training provided
    • Number of members attending leadership skills workshops/trainings
    • Attach an award cover sheet, including the name of the award, as well as the name and contact information for the department and unit leadership chairman
    • Must have participation in “American Legion Senior Auxiliary Basics, A Course on our History and Legacy
    • Pictures and examples are encouraged.
    • Must show increased participation in Mission Training.

The National President’s Award for Excellence (NPAE) will be awarded to those who emphasize the national president’s focus through the American Legion Auxiliary’s programs.

Leadership Reporting:

Mid-Year Reports -- There are no Mid-Year Reports this year.

Year-End Reports -- Due April 15, 2022. Each Unit Leadership Chairman is required to submit a narrative report by April 15, 2021 to the Department Leadership Chairman.

Annual reports reflect the program work of units within the department and may result in a national award for participation if award requirements are met. Department Leadership chairman is required to submit a narrative report to the division Leadership chairman, as well as to the National Leadership chairman. Year End Reports are due April 15, 2022.

As part of the narrative report, please include:

  • What department training were held for units and/or the department and were they well attended?
  • What topics or presentations ere included in your training?
  • Of members in attendance, did you require feedback concerning what they learned, how this training will improve their ability to lead, and what trainings they would like to attend in the future?
  • Did you hold training on nurturing a culture of goodwill?
  • Did your department successfully implement the unit member/leader data survey? What were the unit responses?



1. www.ALAforVeterans.org:

a. ALA Senior Basics Course: A Course on our History and Legacy

b. Junior Leadership Course: “The ALA: My Organization and What I Need to Know to Grow as a Member”

c. PowerPoint: “Officer Duties and Responsibilities”

d. ALA Unit Guide Book

e. ALA Constitution & Bylaws

f. ALA New Member Packet

g. Members Only section - filled with valuable information for all members: Membership and new members suggestions and sample information; member resources and benefits; department and unit resources for support tools

2. Robert’s Rules of Order

3. Basic Parliamentary Procedure

4. American Legion Flag & Emblem Sales: 1-888-4LEGION, emblem.legion.org P.O. Box 36460, Indianapolis, IN 46236-0460


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