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Notes from the Department Secretary

From the Secretary's Desk
By Barb Nath, Department Secretary

Our Fall Conference was very successful. Our National President, Nicole Clapp honored us with her presence. Not only that, but she present National Youth Awards to five young people. Two were Youth Hero Awards for helping to save someone’s life. The others were Good Deed Awards for activities across the State. Alaska did itself proud this year. This is just a small sample of the caliber of Alaska’s youth. Keep up the good work watching out for young people whom we can honor.

At the Fall Conference there was a variety of training. We took two ALA Academy classes (Leadership and Spirit of Goodwill). Please be sure you go online to and complete the classes online to get credit for having completed the course. We also took part in a live virtual training for Mission Training. I’m hoping that we will be able to give everyone present credit for that training. Finally, there was a training on ALAMIS. If you were not present, please get with Diana Estrada (Department Treasurer) so she can make sure your unit has the training. One person from each unit (at a minimal cost) can be selected to be the person responsible for your unit’s access to ALAMIS for member information.

During this weekend there as a Girls State Board meeting as well as a DEC meeting for the Department of Alaska. Minute of those meetings will be posted on our website.

After the Fall Conference, several members went to the American Legion Department Headquarters for a dedication ceremony.

Finally – Your poppy orders are due to the Department by November 6th with payment. An email was sent out October 12th with the order form.

Thanks to all of you who were present and/or joined us by teleconference. Those of you who were not present, I know we were in your thoughts and prayers for the day.


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