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Notes from the Department Secretary

From the Secretary's Desk
By Barb Nath, Department Secretary
Email: aladofak@gmail.com

Here it is a new year. I trust you all had a good holiday season. As we begin this New Year, put your best foot forward and show the world how marvelous it is to be an American Legion Auxiliary Member. Be proud of your involvement. Share the excitement with others and don’t forget to ask if they want to be a member. .. Show your fellow members that you love them and that you will treat them with respect. Remember, we don’t always have to agree, but we should always be respectful.

We have so many things to think about for this year.

  • Valentine’s Day is coming. Be sure to let someone you know that you love them. I believe that the words “I love you” are very, very powerful.
  • Beginning the process for our Department Convention. Call to Convention will come out in January.
  • Impact Reports – start compiling your records so it’s not a strain as the due date approaches. Remind you members to turn in their numbers.
  • ALASKA’S 100th Birthday Celebration – Plans are underway to make our Department Convention a time of celebration. Don’t forget your birthday hats.
  • Poppy Day in May – We can have a marvelous outreach to our communities, especially since we aren’t in major lockdown. Spread out and see what you can do.
  • We loved seeing our name on the screen at National for 100% membership – let’s make it happen again this year!!
  • Alaska Girls State – start spreading the news in your school and see who might be interested. A good point of contact could be the government teachers as I’m sure the as I’m sure the will know students who might be interested. Get in touch with Lori Fruhwirth if you need more information.
  • Scholarships – be sure to let your members and their families know about the available scholarships that we have. It would be great to have a lot of applications this year.
  • And so many, many more!!

Be prepared for an absolutely positively wonderful year.


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