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Notes from the Department Secretary

From the Secretary's Desk
By Barb Nath, Department Secretary

2020 – IT’S A BRAND NEW YEAR!! I trust that your holidays were full of fun and family. And that you were blessed many times over. The American Legion Auxiliary was so blessed this past year because of YOU! Thanks to each of you for your commitment and dedication to the American Legion Auxiliary and the American Legion Family.

As we begin the New Year, I have a challenge for us. We’ve all heard about the Culture or Spirit of Goodwill. But how many of us actually implement it? How many of us think about how our actions affect someone else – not just in our Legion Family but in general. There is a course on the ALA Academy called “Establishing an ALA Culture of Goodwill”. It helps us understand how our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors impact ALA membership. It also helps to understand how it can affect the ALA’s ability to serve our mission. If you haven’t already taken the time to go through this course I would encourage each of you to do so.

Let us take the challenge and make this the year that shows how well we work together as a family. Let us treat each other as we would want to be treated. Give each person dignity and respect, for no reason than that they deserve it. Let them know that they are important and appreciated. Let us think about how we can make someone’s day. Random acts of kindness are a good thing. Don’t expect anything in return, just do it for the fun of it. Your act of kindness could be the one that helps a member want to stay involved. And, when they feel appreciated and loved, maybe they will tell someone else and we will get new members.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.


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