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Junior Activities

Department of Alaska
Junior Member Activities - 2018-2019
Danielle Larson, Chairman Email:
Amy Bell, Co-Chairman

2018-2019 American Legion Auxiliary Junior Activities

The Junior Activities program inspires active participation in members age 17 and under so that they will become engaging, productive members who will want to continue their American Legion Auxiliary membership into adulthood.

What can you do?


  • Ask to speak at your post’s monthly meeting. Personally invite Legion members to sign up their daughter, granddaughters and great-granddaughters. Older Junior members could speak about the value of their membership to the post.
  • “Like” the national Junior Activities Facebook page ( Share the posts to your friends and encourage them to sign up their eligible Juniors.
  • Encourage your Juniors to invite their friends to attend ALA functions and volunteering opportunities, even if they are not eligible to join.
  • Mentor a Junior in your unit. Teach them about your role as an officer and chairman. Help them understand what we do and why it matters.
  • Bring your Junior(s) to a meeting with you. Ask your unit president if the Junior(s) can lead the Pledge.
  • Bring your Junior(s) to all appropriate ALA activities in which you participate. They can help distribute poppies, clean tables after dinners, etc.


  • Even if you only have one junior member, encourage her to organize a service project that your unit will participate in; it may attract other juniors to join.
  • Include information on Junior on your unit or department’s Facebook page (with the approval from parents and Junior members).
  • Encourage older Juniors to become mentors to younger Juniors. Have them help younger Juniors earn their patches.
  • Be flexible with your activities so that Juniors can be involved.
  • Plan activities that are fun, yet teach about the mission of the ALA.
  • Hold a special meeting to help Juniors earn patches and present any patches earned at a unit meeting.

Junior Activities Reporting

Mid-Year Report - Deadline is December 5, 2018. Reports should reflect the program work of units in the department. Each department Junior Activities chairman is required to submit a narrative report to the division Junior Activities chairman, plus copy the national Junior Activities chairman.

Year-End Report - Deadline is April 15, 2019. Annual reports reflect the program work of units in the department. Reporting may result in a national award for participants if award requirements are met. Each department Junior Activities chairman is required to submit a narrative report to the division Junior Activities chairman, plus copy the national Junior Activities chairman

As part of your narrative report, please include answers to the following questions:

  • How has participation in the Patch Program increased enthusiasm among the Juniors?
  • What are the various service projects in which Juniors were involved? Has participation in the service projects increased as the year has progressed?
  • What type of volunteer hours did Junior members perform?
  • What ways did your senior members mentor the Junior members?
  • How does your unit plan to increase Junior member participation in meetings and activities?
  • Please include pictures and news articles showing their activities.

Junior Activities Awards Deadlines and Submission Requirements:

  1. Please follow instructions as you fill out the National Report and Awards Cover Sheet found in the awards section of the Programs Action Plan.
  1. Provide details/examples about the activity as outlined in the award’s materials and guidelines section.
  1. Submit as indicated in the Annual Supplement to the Programs Action Plan.

National Report and Awards Cover Sheet, deadlines, and Junior Activities committee contact information may be found on the Junior Activities committee page on the national website,

Member Award:

Junior Member of the Year

  • Award: Engraved Plaque, invitation to National Convention
  • Presented to: One Junior member, in recognition of her dedicated service, efforts, and talents
  • Materials and guidelines:
    • Entries must be typed and include the following information:
    • Consideration of only Junior members in good standing for the current year.
    • Outstanding contribution the Junior has made through an ALA program or project. o Length of membership is not a criterion.
    • Name, email address, and complete mailing address of nominee must accompany nomination.
    • A narrative, typed essay not to exceed 500 words summarizing the nominee’s accomplishments during the current administrative year.
    • Please include pictures, clippings, scrapbooks, folders, etc., either electronically or via postal mail. Nomination must be signed by the candidate’s unit Junior Activities advisor.
    • On the National Report and Award Cover Sheet, include the name and contact information of the department Junior Activities chairman.

Unit Award:

Most Outstanding Unit Junior Activities Program

  • Award: Citation Plaque
  • Presented to: One unit in each division (5)
  • Materials and guidelines:
    • Narrative not to exceed 1,000 words. Include specific examples of how your Juniors worked the ALA mission.
    • May include pictures, news articles, news releases, etc.

National Award:

Best Media Coverage of Activity or Project

  • Award: Engraved Plaque
  • Presented to: One Junior group (department, district or unit)
  • Materials and guidelines:
    • Awarded to the Junior group with the best media coverage of their activities or a project.
    • Narrative not to exceed 500 words. Include specific examples of media coverage, including news articles, news releases, newsletters, pictures of displays, ALA events, speeches, website address, social media activity, etc.

Programs and Activities:

  • Requirements, instructions, and patch forms for the Junior Patch Program are available at
  • National Junior meetings will be held at the same time as Mission Training. Dates and meeting sites can be found at
  • Juniors who attend one of the national Junior meetings will be eligible to vote and run for Honorary National Junior Division Vice President (HNJDVP). Each of the elected HNJDVPs will help conduct the national Junior meetings and will receive a $2,000 scholarship.
  • Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior members: Five scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each are awarded; one scholarship in each division. Requirements and applications are available at

Junior Projects:


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