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Auxiliary Emergency Fund

Department of Alaska
Auxiliary Emergency Fund Chairman - 2021-2022
Zona Gregg

2021-2022 American Legion Auxiliary Emergency Fund

What is this program, and why do we have it?

Our Auxiliary Emergency Fund has been in existence for 50+ years. We have helped our member’s through various situations. Whether it was a fire, tornado, flood, earthquake, or another type of tragedy. We were there to help giving them Hope.

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund provides temporary financial assistance to eligible members during times of financial crises or weather-related emergencies and natural disasters and promotes awareness and knowledge of the program.

Eligibility: Members of the American Legion Auxiliary and Junior Girls whose dues are current and who have maintained membership for three consecutive years (the current year and immediate past two years) are eligible to apply in the wake of a financial crisis. If a member requests an application, please print a new form off the website to be sure you have the latest form.

You will find the forms for the ‘American Legion Auxiliary Emergency Fund Expedited Application for Disaster Victims Seeking Temporary Shelter Assistance’ and ‘American Legion Auxiliary Emergency Fund Application for Assistance’ (AEF) online at www.ALAforVeterans.org.

What Can You Do?

Member and Unit:

  • On the department level promote awareness and knowledge of the program. Suggest fund raising ideas to the Department
  • On the unit level promote awareness and knowledge of the program. Fund raise to have money to aid your auxiliary members, donate to the Department and National AEF funds annually.
  • On the individual level you can share this information with your auxiliary members, chair a fund raiser for your Unit. Suggest other ideas to try.
  • All donations to the AEF Program must go through your Department Treasurer with a copy to the AEF Chairman.

AEF Reporting

Mid-Year Reports - NONE. However, i would suggest you turn in a report for each fund raiser project you complete it, so you don’t miss an event in your April report.

Year-End Reports - Annual reports are due to the Department AEF chairman by April 15, 2022 reflecting the program work of units in the Department and may result in a National award for participants or Units if award requirements are met. Please click here to download Report Form.

AEF Awards

Citation Plaque Recognition – Unit contributing the largest donations (per capita) to the Auxiliary Emergency Fund as of June 1, 2022.

Additional Resources You Can Use

  1. www.operationhomefront.net (general financial assistance for military families)
  2. www.211.org (referral program for local help with food, housing and employment)
  3. www.fema.gov (disaster assistance)
  4. www.redcross.org (disaster assistance)
  5. www.fns.usda.gov/snap/ (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  6. www.liheap.ncat.org (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)


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