Shaping a positive future for our veterans, our military and their families.

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Department of Alaska
Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Chairman - 2017-2018
Debbie Lowndes

2017-2018 American Legion Auxiliary Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

The Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation program promotes our mission to enhance the lives of veterans, military and their families.

1. Provide opportunities for Auxiliary members to serve veterans and their families as volunteers at VA health care facilities through the VA Voluntary Service (VAVS).

2. There isn’t a VA hospital close to your community? Find opportunities for Auxiliary members to serve veterans in your area. These hours will count toward your Service to Veterans pin and hour bars.

Service to Veterans - Service to Veterans recognizes volunteers who provide services to veterans, service members and their families outside a VAMC. Volunteers conduct projects and work for military/veterans and/or families from their homes and in their communities. Service to Veterans volunteers maintain their own recordkeeping and dollars spent. A new pin has been designed to reflect the work of those who volunteer in their communities and at home for veterans. Hour bars, which attach to the pin, are also available to earn. More information may be in the Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation: A Guide for Volunteers available online for download at . To purchase a printed copy please visit .

3. Assist veterans in accessing VA benefits including, but not limited to, health care. This should include coordinating with the local American legion Post Service Officer.

4. Assist in activities that help homeless veterans.

5. Support rehabilitation and healing of veterans through arts, crafts and hobbies.

National Veterans Creative Arts Festival (NVCAF) - NVCAF is the national, annual competition and festival that recognizes the progress and recovery made through recreation therapy and raises the visibility of the creative achievements of our nation’s veterans after disease, disability or life crisis. As the national presenting sponsor, the American Legion Auxiliary should strive to increase monetary support by encouraging departments to sponsor fundraises that will contribute to the increased awareness and support of this program.

6. Help the American Legion, State Department of Veterans Affairs and Chamber of Commerce promote job fairs for veterans and their families.

Additional Resources

  • How to Organize a Job Fair for Veterans and/or Military and Veteran Spouse
  • Serve as a career e-Mentor for women- Encourage Auxiliary members to serve as career mentors for female veterans via electronic communications. The e-mentoring network, operated by the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Joining Forces and Mentoring Plus, virtually pairs female veterans with career mentors and subject matter experts for guidance and support.

7. Assist and support caregivers of veterans.

Additional Resources

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Reporting

Mid-Year Reports - reflect the program work of Units in the Department. Each Unit is required to submit a narrative report by December 15, 2016.

Year End Reports - Annual reports reflect the program work of Units in the Department. It is requested that these reports are accompanied by photos of select Unit projects. Each Unit is required to submit a narrative report by April 15, 2017 to the Department Chairman.

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Awards

  • Service to Veterans
  • NVCAF Award: National Veterans Creative Arts Festival (NVCAF) support recognition
  • Veteran Affairs Voluntary service (VAVS) Awards

Additional Information, details and forms:

Additional Resources You Can Use

  1. Homeless Veterans Coalition:
  2. How To Sheet: How to raise awareness in your communities about the ever-increasing number of homeless veterans.
  3. How To Sheet: How to increase donations the National Veterans Creative Arts Festive.
  4. Quilts of Valor –
  5. VA Homeless Programs –
  6. VA Homeless Assistance Programs –
  7. In-Cal: Handbook for Homeless veterans and Service Providers
  8. The American Legion Family Support Network:
  9. National Veterans Creative Arts Festival Facebook Page
  10. American Legion Auxiliary Veterans Creative Activities Action Guide,
  11. National Veterans Creative Arts Festival,


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