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Children & Youth

Department of Alaska
Children Youth - 2017-2018
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2017-2018 American Legion Auxiliary Children & Youth

What is this program, and why do we have it?

The Children & Youth Program promotes caring for and supporting children and youth, particularly those of veterans’ and military families though education, recognition, and fun.

What can you do? Support Children Youth in your community or state

  • Youth Hero Awards/Good Deed Awards: This is an ALA program to recognize ?youth who demonstrate a heroic act of physical valor or who exemplify community ?service in action. Contact local schools, churches and youth groups to make them aware of the Youth Hero/Good Deed Awards. Be sure to leave unit contact numbers. Monitor newspapers, TV and neighborhoods for children and youth who have performed a heroic act of physical valor, such as performing CPR, helping evacuate in the event of a fire, calling 911 for an emergency, etc. Work with your unit to nominate them for a Youth Hero/Good Deed Award?. Click here to download Youth Hero and Good Deed Award Nomination Form
  • Josh dogs: An American Legion Family alliance, GI Josh is a plush dog and accompanying storybook used to help ease separation fears for the military children, (order from Emblem Sales). Identify children in your community who may be facing hospitalization for the first time and might benefit from a Josh & friends dog and book.
  • Help stamp out hunger for children in the U.S.A: Two programs that all are members can do at home when cooking by collecting codes & entering on-line to benefit children in the America &
  • COTA: This program helps military families with children who are on the waiting list for organ transplants. Send donations to 2501 West COTA Dr. Bloomington, ID 47403


  • Mid-Year reports are due by December 5, 2016
  • Year End reports are due by April 15, 2017
  • Click here to download Department C&Y Report Form

April is Children & Youth Month


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